Volume 31, 2021

31, 2021

Research Article
The role of motivation in the results of total productive maintenance Micaela Guedes; Paulo S. Figueiredo; Camila Sousa Pereira-Guizzo; Elisabeth Loiola
Social skills in higher education: how to combine active learning and social skills training program Daniele Carolina Lopes; Mateus Cecílio Gerolamo; Marcel Andreotti Musetti; Daniel Capaldo Amaral
The influence of factors on project management: a qualitative approach José Francisco Tebaldi de Castro; Helder Gomes Costa; Mirian Picinini Méxas; Claudio Benevenuto de Campos Lima; Wagner Rodrigues Ribeiro
The cooperation between suppliers and an agro-industrial slaughterhouse: a measurement tool João Cuareli Alécio; Alvaro Neuenfeldt Júnior; Julio Siluk; Angélica Alebrant Mendes; Bruna Rigon de Oliveira; Mário Mello
Risk prioritization based on the combination of FMEA and dual hesitant fuzzy sets method Lucas Daniel Del Rosso Calache; Lucas Gabriel Zanon; Rafael Ferro Munhoz Arantes; Lauro Osiro; Luiz Cesar Ribeiro Carpinetti
Proposal for an analytical model of materiality in the Global Reporting Initiative Standards reports Igor Laguna Vieira; Elmo Rodrigues da Silva; Luiz Carlos de Martini Junior; Luis Alberto Duncan Rangel

Systematic Review

Thematic Section - Advances in Analytic Hierarchy Process


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