Volume 28, 2018

28, 2018

Research Article
The impact of the fourth industrial revolution: a cross-country/region comparison Liao, Yongxin; Loures, Eduardo Rocha; Deschamps, Fernando; Brezinski, Guilherme; Venâncio, André
Barriers to occupational health and safety management in small Brazilian enterprises Garnica, Guilherme Bess; Barriga, Gladys Dorotea Cacsire
A multi-criteria decision making approach to balance water supply-demand strategies in water supply systems Cambrainha, Géssica Maria; Fontana, Marcele Elisa
Writing the literature review for empirical papers Nakano, Davi; Muniz Jr., Jorge
The use of ICT tools to support collaborative product development activities: evidences from Brazilian industry Enrique, Daisy Valle; Ayala, Néstor Fabián; Lima, Mateus José do Rêgo Ferreira; Marodin, Giuliano Almeida; Gzara, Lilia; Frank, Alejandro Germán
Intuition and wisdom in decision making Rocha Neto, Ivan; Iida, Itiro
Interorganizational relationships in the Brazilian construction industry supply chain Krainer, Christiane Wagner Mainardes; Krainer, Jefferson Augusto; Romano, Cezar Augusto
QFD and TRIZ integration in product development: a Model for Systematic Optimization of Engineering Requirements Naveiro, Ricardo Manfredi; Oliveira, Vinicius Motta de
Environmental advantages of the reverse logistics: a case study in the batteries collection in Brazil Oliveira Neto, Geraldo Cardoso de; Ruiz, Mauro Silva; Correia, Auro Jesus Cardoso; Mendes, Henrique Manoel Riane
Application of bayesian additive regression trees in the development of credit scoring models in Brazil Brito Filho, Daniel Alves de; Artes, Rinaldo
Application of lean healthcare in hospital services: a review of the literature (2007 to 2017) Terra, José Daniel Rodrigues; Berssaneti, Fernando Tobal
Lecture capture and learner engagement strategies for industrial engineering distance education: results of a pilot program Jenner, Alicia; Helwig, Michael; Ruffer, Arlette
Production line performance analysis within a MTS/MTO manufacturing framework: a queueing theory approach Ghalehkhondabi, Iman; Suer, Gursel
Business engineering incubators: a cooperation case for cluster’s development Oliveira, Antônio Honorato de; Marins, Fernando Augusto Silva; Delamaro, Mauricio César
A model-based Decision Support System for multiple container terminals hub management Facchini, Francesco; Boenzi, Francesco; Digiesi, Salvatore; Mummolo, Giovanni
Technological game changers: convergence, hype, and evolving supply chain design Stan Fawcett; Yao Henry Jin; Amydee Fawcett; Ednilson Bernardes
Electric power load in Brazil: view on the long-term forecasting models Larissa Resende; Murilo Soares; Pedro Ferreira
World Café method integrated with QFD for obtaining the Voice of the Customer Jair Gustavo de Mello Torres; Pedro Luiz de Oliveira Costa Neto
Modification of Haessler’s sequential heuristic procedure for the one-dimensional cutting stock problem with setup cost Mateus Martin; Antonio Moretti; Marcia Gomes-Ruggiero; Luiz Salles Neto
Statistical Thinking in quality improvement: use, difficulties and benefits of its implantation in industries of the Brazilian State of São Paulo Jose Carlos de Toledo; Fabiane Letícia Lizarelli; Adriana Barbosa dos Santos; Artur Ishizaka

Systematic Review
Supply chain resilience and key performance indicators: a systematic literature review Alexandre Augusto Karl; Julio Micheluzzi; Luciana Rosa Leite; Carla Roberta Pereira
Is ISO 14001 certification really good to the company? a critical analysis Aline Vomero Reis; Fábio de Oliveira Neves; Suzana Eda Hikichi; Eduardo Gomes Salgado; Luiz Alberto Beijo

Thematic Section
Analysis of absorptive capacity and foreign direct investment in the productivity of Brazilian municipalities Diogo Ferraz; Naijela Janaina da Costa; Bruno Fernandes; Eduardo Polloni Silva; Pedro Henrique Mendonça Marques; Herick Fernando Moralles; Daisy Rebelatto
Dynamic Capability: an analysis in multi-unit service providers Rodrigo Valio Dominguez Gonzalez
A relationship model for factors influencing knowledge transfer between NPD teams Alejandro Germán Frank; Néstor Fabián Ayala; Mariano Corso; José Luis Duarte Ribeiro


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