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QFD and TRIZ integration in product development: a Model for Systematic Optimization of Engineering Requirements

Naveiro, Ricardo Manfredi; Oliveira, Vinicius Motta de

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Abstract: Paper aims: Proposal of a Model for Systematic Optimization of Engineering Requirements applied to product concept development and based on a two-level integration of the methods Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ).

Originality: Requirements extraction directly from patent documents in order to identity the most relevant user requirements as well as the technical requirements interactions through a QFD matrix. Then, TRIZ Contradiction Matrix is used to withdraw the requirements contradictions through inventive principles in order to enable the product conception.

Research method: Case Study which enables the Model construction inductively through its application on the development of a mortar ammunition concept.

Main findings: A product concept comprising innovative features which reflect the laws of technology evolution from TRIZ.

Implications for theory and practice: The product concept definition points to the academic relevance of an integration model which identify the technical requirements objectively from patent documents.


Product requirements, Technical contradictions, Technology evolution, Customer needs


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