Muniz Junior, Jorge; Nakano, Davi Noboru

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As the new Editorial team, we would like to salute the Brazilian Production Engineering community. Due to the intense and committed work of the past editors, Production has been one of the leading journals in our community, and we intend to work to keep it in this position. We would like to praise Professor Linda Lee Ho and her co-editors for their outstanding work over the past few years. Professor Lee Ho not only maintained the quality standards of Production, she also made the difficult, but needed, decision to put Production on the internationalization path.

We understand that being the Editors of Production is a huge task, and we accepted the position to serve our community. We ask for your consideration, as our position requires us to make some difficult decisions, but our goal is to maintain the quality of the journal. Additionally, our work represents the collaboration between two important Brazilian public universities, which also symbolizes our belief that research is an inter-institutional and collaborative task.

This issue is divided into a special issue, edited by professors Pascal Béguin, Francisco Duarte and Laerte Sznelwar, and a shorter regular issue, composed of 10 papers. The topics covered in this issue reflect the multidisciplinarity of Production, including sustainability, leadership, procurement, operations strategy in manufacturing and services, industrial organization and clusters and decision support methods. Papers regarding the regular issue are written in Portuguese, but the backlog of accepted papers is decreasing, and we expect the journal to be fully written in English in the near future.

Lastly, we would like to welcome several professors: Professor Antonio Fernando Costa Branco, from UNESP, whose work focuses on quality and quantitative methods; Professor Ednilson Bernardes, from West Virginia University, who conducts research on the Supply Chain; and Professor Joaquin Alegre, from Universitad de València, who studies Organizational Theory and Behavior. These professors have agreed to work as Associate Editors. We are currently working on increasing the number of Associate Editors on the team.

Jorge Muniz Jr. is Editor-in-Chief and Davi Noboru Nakano is Coeditor of Production journal.
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