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Water distribution network segmentation based on group multi-criteria decision approach

Marcele Elisa Fontana; Danielle Costa Morais

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Abstract: A correct Network Segmentation (NS) is necessary to perform proper maintenance activities in water distribution networks (WDN). For this, usually, isolation valves are allocating near the ends of pipes, blocking the flow of water. However, the allocation of valves increases costs substantially for the water supply companies. Additionally, other criteria should be taking account to analyze the benefits of the valves allocation. Thus, the problem is to define an alternative of NS which shows a good compromise in these different criteria. Moreover, usually, in this type of decision, there is more than one decision-maker involved, who can have different viewpoints. Therefore, this paper presents a model to support group decision-making, based on a multi-criteria method, in order to support the decision making procedure in the NS problem. As result, the model is able to find a solution that shows the best compromise regarding the benefits, costs, and the decision makers' preferences.


Maintenance activities, Network segmentation, Group decision-making, Multi-criteria approach, PROMETHEE GDSS method


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