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Multicriteria decision making applied to waste recycling: comparison between THOR and THOR 2 methods

Letícia de Oliveira Gago Ramos de Souza; Lucas Vitorino; Carlos Francisco Simões Gomes; Osvaldo Luiz Gonçalves Quelhas

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Paper aims: This paper aims to compare the results of the THOR2 Method, in comparison to the original THOR method, and to analyse possible rank changes between the methods, to support decision-making in the evolutionary process of waste recycling in Brazil.

Originality: ; Proposes a revision of the model for analysis of Waste Recycling, highlighting the vision of three decision makers individually, and later the integrated vision.

Research method: State of the art of the THOR and THOR2 methods, through an investigation in four databases and comparison using THORWeb.

Main findings: As a result of the disposal of plastic waste, reuse, mechanical recycling, chemical and incineration remained in the positions with the consumer as a decision maker. With the other decision makers there was only one significant change, where the landfill went from last to first position.

Implications for theory and practice: There was only one significant change when comparing methods.


Waste, Multicriteria, Sustainability, THOR method


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