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Process management and safety culture in radiotherapy services: impacts on quality patient care and safety

José Carlos de Toledo; Livia Silveira Almeida; Fabiane Letícia Lizarelli

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Paper aims: Analyzes the use of process management and safety culture practices in Radiotherapy Services and impacts on quality of patient care and safety.

Originality: Radiotherapy processes require controls and must be developed in an environment with safety. However, despite necessary practices, there are few studies that analyze their implementation and impacts.

Research method: Was conducted a survey and the data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and SEM-PLS.

Main findings: Process management practices and safety culture have been used in response to competitive environment and regulatory guidelines. The study confirmed the positive impact of using safety culture and process management practices.

Implications for theory and practice: Managerial support promoting management and improvement practices and safety culture, along use of process maps, feedback in response to incident reports, patient satisfaction surveys and teamwork contributes to the quality of care and safety. These practices can be prioritized to be deployed by managers and in theoretical models.


Process management, Safety culture, Radiotherapy services, Care quality, Patient safety


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